Over the last few months, I have been trying to mentor someone I met at work. Mainly because when I told him I was a Christian, over time he came to me and said (in his words) I need to get right with Jesus.
So far we have gone for coffee once and talked about salvation and I even gave him a pamphlet written by Pilgrim on salvation. He also went to Church with me once last month. He has started to listen to a Bible app. And on occasion, he asks me Bible related questions via text.
I have been encouraged by some of his progress; yet I am concerned in other points. One is that on a few occasions now, a day before I was supposed pick him up to take him to Church, he said a family matter came up and he cant make it.
As I was praying and thinking about this, what came to mind is an audio sermon on the importance of the Church. He seems to like audio more than reading.
Does anything come to mind, as you think about this?