The book’s purpose is to examine the current interpretation of the regulative principle in order to determine if the modern application of the principle is faithful to Scripture and to the original statement of the position in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Prof. Frame states that Presbyterian worship in its early days was “very restrictive, austere, and `minimalist’“ (page xii) and argues that “the Westminster standards actually contain very little of the Puritan theology of worship” (xii). He asserts that much of the historical practice of Presbyterian and Reformed churches is based on Puritan and Reformed writers and not the standards themselves. Therefore, he calls on us to rethink the way we apply the principle today.

Dr. Joseph Pipa, a professor at Westminster Seminary in California, is the author of this in-depth book review of John Frame's controversial book, Worship in Spirit and Truth. I was so impressed with Pipa's balanced and biblical approach that I had to share it with others. It is hoped that you will find it as enjoyable and beneficial as others have.

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