This month's article of the month comes from the pen of John Owen. He begins by saying:

When meditating on God, we must first think of him as existing (Heb. 11:6). This is the first object of faith and the first act of reason. Many have no real faith in the existence of God. If they did, it would make quite a difference to their daily lives. The inbred light of nature, together with reason, will satisfy any rational creature that there is a God. But most accept the existence of God either from tradition or from education. But they have no personal experience of the existence of God. They have no doubts that he does exist. Nature itself would never think of denying this truth.

He continues to show how our thoughts of God are often assaulted by the attacks of Satan who seeks to destroy a believer's faith. He brings distortions of the truth and doubt as to even the very existence of God. But there are certain remedies which a believer can grab hold of and use to his benefit. A couple of these, says Owen are:

1. If you cannot understand infinite things, then adore God’s infinite greatness and incomprehensible perfections.

2. If we find difficulty in meditating on infinite things, then let us think of them by ‘the things that are seen’.

The entire article is filled with encouragement and practical counsel which I'm sure you will find most edifying.

You can read it now by going here: What Must We Think of When We Meditate on God?

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