Referring to the article I think Luther made a good point, that in praying for God's Kingdom to come we are in the same breath asking for all other kingdoms, dominions, and principalities to fail.

I see Adams' point in his discourse in First, We Must Learn to Pray in Christ

To pray the imprecations of the Psalms is to surrender all rights for vengeance to God. It means being prepared to suffer and to endure without personal revenge or hatred as Christ did. It involves being gentle and loving even when I am reviled and persecuted. It encompasses acknowledging in all my ways that God’s cause is more important than I am.

If prayer was man centered then by no means could we pray imprecations, but since prayer is God centered, I see little consternation here. Vengeance is a perfectly Biblical concept, as long as the One administrating it is The Omniscient God. Rom 12:19, Rev 6:9-11.

I find myself agreeing w/ Mennega

It is the peculiarly balanced prayer life that the Christian must foster. He is obligated to pray for the conversion of sinners, of those who are now identified with the kingdom of darkness; this he must do in the interest of God’s glory. At the same time and in the same interest he must pray for the coming of God’s kingdom which involves necessarily praying for the destruction of the kingdom of evil and those who are identified with it. It is in this tension that the Christian must live.