Dear Highway Readers and Staff,

One of my elders is the director of a residential, year-long Christian discipleship program for men. While the program--Manasseh House--is not a direct ministry of our church, a goal of the men of our church is to be more directly involved in the lives of the men of the program. To that end, one of our brothers--A., who nearly 20 years ago was a student in the program--teaches a weekly Bible study with the men in the later phases of the program. A. recently had what I think is a brilliant idea!

He is organizing a debate between the men of the program and the college-age young men of our church, in which Manasseh will defend, and the church kids oppose--as true devil's advocates!--the following three orthodox doctrines:

1) The Inerrancy and Authority of Scripture
2) The Deity of Christ
3) Justification by Faith Alone

Because the main goal is to get the "debaters"--pro and con--to sharpen their understanding, appreciation, articulation and defense of the hope that in them, they will be learning only enough forensic protocol to make this likely only a very rudimentary mock debate and more a presentation of the Scriptures and arguments involved. Even so, I would love to hear if you know of any links to sites with either transcripts or recordings of debates--either real or mock--on any of the above topics which could assist us. If so, I would be very grateful if you would post them!

Thanks in advance!

In Christ,
Paul S