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Thanks. I had also thought of White, but although I often hear references to him I have not actually heard more than a few fragments of his debates linked elsewhere.

But I don't see anywhere on his site where you can get any of his debates < cheapskateAlert >without buying them< /cheapskateAlert >. All that our group will have time for may be a handful of short clips to see what a debate looks like. What am I missing here?

Off-my-own-topic, but I vote for no new avatar for you. Your old one has tempted me to envy for ages, and you wouldn't want to be the occasion of further stumbling on my part, now would you? grin

Okay I'll do a little more searching for you to find some "free" stuff for you. Pilgrim can tell you that I also have a tendency to be a cheap skate I'll tell you sometime about the soul searching I did before I bought my software developer studio. Not to mention my website developer studio, although I regret a little on that end.

Lastly I wouldn't want to be the occasion of your sin although if you send me a picture via email I might be able to convince "the boy" to do me a favor and create you a sketch to use as an avatar. No guarantees though he's pretty busy he tells me.


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