Hah! You might have misunderstood; the occasion of my envy is not your avatar itself--though it's great, crisp work that your son has done, as we can all see from the Valentine's Day shot--but the subject thereof, the raw material your son was working from! Let's just say that I'm one of those guys who, on a good day, could make C.S. Lewis look like Paul Newman by comparison! Some of us were standing behind the door when the looks got handed out. So thanks, but no thanks.

And if you can get a debate clip without too much trouble, that would be appreciated, but I don't want you or anyone putting excessive time into it either; again, the main focus for these men over the next few several weeks of preparation is simply studying relevant biblical passages and the most common arguments and counter-arguments. Having a sense of debate format would be icing on the cake.

In Christ,
Paul S