There's an interesting discussion om another discussion list about "Christian" art and "Christian" music. The question is whether or not something has to have a Bible verse on it to be Christian art, or if a song has to mention Jesus to be Christian music.<br><br>One person posted an interesting point, and I will post the message if he says it is ok. His basic idea was that God creates sunsets, animals, constellations, etc, without emblazoning "Jesus Saves" or "God was here" on them. Here is a reply I made, and hopefully it will start some discussion!:<br><br>I forget where I first heard it, but I<br>have heard the saying that nothing is "secular" to a<br>Christian. There's no line that seperates our<br>"spiritual life" from a "nonspiritual life." As 1<br>Corinthians 10:31 says, "Whether, then, you eat or<br>drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."<br><br>Of course, there are guidelines set up for this in<br>Scripture. For instance, at an Easter sunrise service<br>a few years agoat my parents' church, we were in the<br>middle of silent prayer when someone spotted a deer<br>right outside and soon the whole congregation drifted<br>over to the window to see it. I asked my mom what she<br>thought of the pccurence, and she thought it "aided"<br>the worship service. Don't get me wrong- I like to<br>watch God's creation. But not necessarily in the<br>middle of corporate worship. It's one thing to thank<br>God for His creation, but this seemed to be a<br>distraction more than thankfulness.<br><br>Thoughts? Opinions?<br><br>

True godliness is a sincere feeling which loves God as Father as much as it fears and reverences Him as Lord, embraces His righteousness, and dreads offending Him worse than death~ Calvin