Yeah, on very rare occasions, and reading the Scripture is exactly why I left. Rather, I never really joined them in the first place, although some of my friends did. They raised their hands and "spoke in tongues" to get God's favor and approval and called everyone else "legalists" or "carnal Christians".


Romans 3:22-24

I have to admit that I believe that one looks at Scripture through the lens of the preaching of a pastor and/or of the books one reads.
I don't think I ever, or knew of other charismatics that raised their hands and spoke with tongues to gain God's favor. Or for that matter considered those who didn't as legalists.
We were taught that doing those things (tongues and raising hands) pleased God and was a way our spirits gave praise to the Father.
If this caused us to think others as legalists or carnal Christians, then it certainly could not be blamed on what we were taught.
I will say however, it did make one think that other Christians are really missing out.
I have no idea whether or not this kind of teaching is the norm in other Charismatic Churches or not.

The way I look at it even today, is if speaking in tongues and raising ones hands in worship is biblical and something God wants us to do today, then obviously other Christians are definitely missing out.
Obviously however (and please donít miss this point), as an ex-Charismatic, I do not believe that what is going on in Charismania is biblical.
Please also note, that I donít really have a problem with raising one hands in worship, although I am a little cautious about it because of my past. There are some biblical examples of the appropriateness of raising ones hands. 1Tim.2:8 is one example.