Tom, according to you, please tell me again what exactly is it that the Charismatics do that is not Scriptural? If you don't want me to miss this point, then please stop defending the Charismatics for their legalistic and unscriptural demand for a spiritual and Arminian superiority. We've been through this before, it's not just about raising hands it's about the "spirit" of nearly Every Single Thing They Do.

Oh boy, I thought it was quite obvious. I don't believe it is scriptural to speak in tongues in worship, or for that matter as a prayer language.
Where did I defend Charismatics, I certainly don't see it?
If you also read again what I said, you should notice:

I don't think I ever, or knew of other charismatics that raised their hands and spoke with tongues to gain God's favor. Or for that matter considered those who didn't as legalists.
We were taught that doing those things (tongues and raising hands) pleased God and was a way our spirits gave praise to the Father.
If this caused us to think others as legalists or carnal Christians, then it certainly could not be blamed on what we were taught.
I will say however, it did make one think that other Christians are really missing out.
I have no idea whether or not this kind of teaching is the norm in other Charismatic Churches or not.

Please pay particular notice to my last sentence. I can only go on my experience, as well as other Charismatics that I associated with. By the way, my mother is a Charismatic even today and although I disagree with a lot of her views on Scripture, she certainly doesn’t believe herself to be superior to other Christians.

I am beginning to wonder if I should participate in forums like this one.