So often I have heard that passage used to justify sinful practices. 'I am just being ALL things to all men...' Embracing the practices of pagan religions is something that is not new. The idea of eating one's god was something common among the Aztecs, and practiced way before the idea of eating Jesus became popular in the fifties. Now lots of things became popular in the fifties, and in the sixties the Beatles went off to India and got themselves wrapped up in the Guru stock and trade.

Christiandumb likes to think that only Rome is doing this, and yet with Modern trends in worship it seems that the Ecumenical Movement is going into full steam embracing Mysticism and calling it the roots of Christianity. This is enough to give any beginner believer who has come out of the Occult the creeps.

Every so now and then a new voice speaks up amid the excitement (well I did not get that excited when I saw Rick Warren's book..The Purpose Driven Life), but many got totally drawn in by all the Brother Lawrence, Madame Guyon and other mystical ideas. Warren Smith who was getting free from the New Age ideas, noticed that there was more of that stuff in Rick's book.

But where does this mysticism idea really come from. According to John Michael Talbot in his latest letter, it comes from the Monastic lifestyle, and he a Father in Rome, says we must really get into it. Well, blow me down...I just got out of mysticism and found the truth of the Gospel to be the only way to God and here we go for another round of deception. When will the Cameleon ever stop changing it's spots....? Ofcourse, I know that answer, but I just wandered if any of ye kindly folks were thinking of doing yoga, or breath prayers and then read this and went, wait! Mabye the Cameleon has struck at my heart, time to walk pure, to walk true, to walk close to our beloved Saviour.

I know not all my ideas are right, but then I am just putting out some feelers here on EX-CHARISMA... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/ClapHands.gif" alt="" />

Before you comment please read this...this guy apparently knows what he is talking about.

'The Church has repeatedly said that monasticism is at the heart of the Church. Why? It is at that heart of the Church because monasticism has historically been the most intentional and intense depository of the mystical life of the Church. Mysticism is the heart and goal of our doctrines, ecclesial structures, and sacraments. Why? Because love is the heart of the gospel, and love itself is a mystery. Love builds on our senses, emotions, and understanding, but surpasses them all.'

For the full article: A call to a Modern Monastic Movement by Father John Michael Talbot

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