Here's something I found which should shed some light on "The Truth Project"... surprise, surprise! rofl

Some have asked if the content of The Truth Project follows a specific doctrinal perspective (e.g., whether Arminian or Reformed). In keeping with the interdenominational nature of our organization, Dr. Tackett has made a deliberate effort to avoid emphasizing any particular theological interpretation. The mandate of The Truth Project is to concentrate on the basic tenets of the faith that C.S. Lewis would call “mere Christianity;” as such, it’s being readily accepted and utilized across the board by equally committed and dedicated believers who “see through the glass” diversely and distinctively.

Found here: What is the statement of faith for Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project®?
Can you say, "lowest common denominator theology" three times quickly?

However, in that same section, they make this statement:

We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful humanity, regeneration by the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ is absolutely essential;
Thus, they take the semi-Pelagian/Arminian position that regeneration is the fruit and/or the result of a prior faith; something which we find absolutely impossible since dead people can't believe. igiveup

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