The Truth project to me is a mixed bag.
I viewed a few of the YouTube videos that can be found at:
and saw a few people such as RC Sproul and Albert Mohler who I have a lot of respect for.
In one of these videos the topic was Post Modernism and the Emergent church and their understanding of truth. I really enjoyed how this panel dealt with the matter. Postmodernism deals with the subject in a relativistic way, yet true Christianity says that when it comes to truth, it is too important to deny or be wishy-washy when it comes to truth.
The subjects of Calvinism verses Arminianism and homosexuality were used as examples in the video as things that we need to come to an objective Biblical understanding on.
Something that I noticed that Dr. Sproul said, that I like was: (Not an exact quote) "If you disagree with me concerning Calvinism, that is a concern, but the matter is too important just to sluff off." I watched the other members of the panel at this point and all nodded in agreement.
Focus on the Family is the ministry that puts this series on and something that concerns me about Focus on the Family other than being Arminian is the fact that they advocate legislative morality.
At this particular time, I really can not comment further because I haven’t read/seen anything that I can comment on further.


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