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4. One nit-pick. When going over the different states of man, the original state of man in the Garden was listed as "innocence". Although this is true, I think that God created man as truly good in his original state and not just innocent.


I am not arguing as I understand your concern.

Pelagius taught that every baby born into the world is born in the same state Adam was before his fall (innocent and without sin) and that we become sinners by imitation, Kinda like a blank piece of paper and then we sin.

However to say that Adams original state was a state of innocence alone and by itself is not wrong, it's confessional.


I agree with you. I wasn't saying that the statement was incorrect, only that I thought more could have been said. Which leads one to ask the question, why was it left at just innocence. When watching the video, I got the feeling that the word "innocence" was chosen very deliberately.

The series states this about itself

Many people today – unfortunately, most people – don’t seem to think that there is any universal standard of absolute truth. But we believe differently. The purpose of The Truth Project is to develop a biblical worldview: “A formal worldview based ultimately upon that nature, character, and being of God as it is expressed in His infallible Word [the Bible] and His creation. It becomes the foundation for a life system that governs every area of existence.”

With this purpose in mind is not the difference between "innocent" and "good" important?

Anyway, as I said, it was just a nit-pick.