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If you find anything you think is worth sharing about "The Truth Project" from your own research, please do post it here for the benefit of others. grin

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Actually I couldn't find too much about the series. There are a few websites I found critical of "The Truth Project", but nothing from a reformed perspective. That's not to say the criticisms aren't valid.

I saw the third installment of the series "Anthropology" this weekend (I haven't seen the first two). Here are some of my impressions.

1. I found the tone of the speaker smug and somewhat condescending. I also felt some of the video clips were manipulative in that they seemed designed to evoke a particular emotional response.

2. I thought that the characterizations of the anti-Biblical positions were lacking. By that I mean that they were too simplistic and in some cases possibly misrepresented. I do not think this was intentional, but may just show a lack of preparation or in-depth understanding of the issues. I find this in many ways troubling because it is easy to rebut an opponents position when you don't represent it properly (straw-man fallacy). We all know that many rebuttals to Christianity rely on attacking commonly held views of the Bible instead of the true Biblical one. Also, the video tended to lump every anti-Biblical view into one camp when there are, in my opinion, a myriad of views.

3. I thought that the anti-Biblical position was in some ways made fun of. For example, when explaining the difference between the Biblical view of man that man is made in the image of God and the evolutional materialistic world-view of man that man is just material, the phrase of "Goo-man" was applied to the evolutional view. If you are debating someone who holds this view, I don't think these kind of childish rebuttals help.

4. One nit-pick. When going over the different states of man, the original state of man in the Garden was listed as "innocence". Although this is true, I think that God created man as truly good in his original state and not just innocent.

5. All that being said, there was still some good stuff in the video. However, it all seemed to be fairly basic, so I think this project is aimed at people who haven't given much thought or read about these issues (which makes the problems a little more dangerous as they may not be obvious).