re: "1) 12"

To what is the "12" referring?

re: "The manner of numbering nights with the days is an idiomatic Jewish usage."

And that is why I started this topic. If the 6th day crucifixion proponents are correct in their assertion that Matthew 12:40 is a common Jewish idiom where at least a part of a specified day and/or at least a part of a specified night does not actually have to exist, I would think that there would be at least one example to back up that assertion.

re: "Would you then conclude that Hendriksen's exegesis of Matt 12:40 re: the 'days' of Christ being in the tomb is incorrect?"

I'm not prepared to say that it IS correct because his suggestion that one day and one night might be taken to mean one time unit where at least a portion of the day and/or at least a portion of the night did not have to actually be involved has not yet been demonstrated with some actual writing from the period.

re: "I would be interested in having you state what your view is on this subject."

Because I'm not aware of any scripture that absolutely, positively, no question about it, requires the crucifixion to have occurred on the 6th day of the week, and since I've yet to see any "idiom" to the contrary, I see no reason to think that when the Messiah said 3 nights that He actually meant 2 nights.

re: "Yes, I believe that 'heart of the earth' means the grave or tomb. What do you think it means?"

I think that is indeed what it means.