I ran into an aritcle in PCANews where it quotes some leading SBCs as being concerned about the increasing influence of Calvinism within the denomination. <br><br>One of the men quoted, said this: <br><br><blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>[color:"blue"]"I believe that God's predestination or election is based on the fact that he does know everything, unlike the openness theologians would try to tell us," Patterson says. <br><br>"[God] knows before we were ever born who will and who will not respond to the gospel message," he says, "and it is on the basis of his foreknowledge that election takes place -- not on the basis of some arbitrary decision on God's part to create some to damn them." </font><hr></blockquote><p><br><br>Some have said this understanding of foreknowledge falls into the Middle Knowledge concept. If this is so, can someone explain the concept. And, would it be proper to label the majority of SBs as endorsers of Middle Knowedge. <br><br>Although they hold dear the teaching of man having free-will in responding to the Gospel, how can they say that God knows before they are born. I do not wish that this thread become a whipping boy of those who hold that; but rather, I would like to understand their reasoning as they are learned men of God. .

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