Will someone please explain the differences between the two. What confuses me is the term Biblical Theology, is it a misnomer. <br><br>For instance, I believe that the WCF (Westminister Confession of Faith) is a system of doctrine that best explains the Bible; therefore is called systematic (theology), but even the WCF subjects itself to the infallibility of Scripture. So, when I hear the term, Biblical Theology, I immediately view it as being the standard. However, when I read discussions over the two ways (don't really know the correct term), I side with the Systematic Theology point in the debate. Am I really disagreeing with Scripture? If the answer is no, then whoever coins these terms, should choose a more descriptive term. <br><br>(I went 5 pages deep to see if the topic has been discussed before; it is not in any of the headings) <br><br>John Chaney <br><br>

John Chaney

"having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith . . ." Colossians 2:7