I am somewhat familiar with it (as of 2 years ago but not since then). PPLN's leaders have mostly solid reputations within the PCA. I thought the group more or less became inactive after the GA two years ago. I'm sure the folks at RTS in Orlando can give you better info.

My understanding is that the group was founded to counterattack the arguments (many being half-truths) and agenda by the extreme TRs within the denomination, especially at the GA level. A couple of Presbyteries had become basically dysfunctional over the arguments and some courts were being used for political gain. As with many organizations, it will depend on who you listen as to your opinion on it.

There was a link detailing 4-5 positions on doctrinal subscription at the PCANews but I cannot find it now. I remember the voting on doctrinal subscription was a huge part of it, but the debate itself was using subscription as a smokescreen in masking the real differences. IOW, the differences was far beyond subscription.

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