I have to admit that I am neither non-cessationist nor cessationist. However, my sentiments lie far closer to cessationism. I know all too well how harmful the practices and teaching of Charismatic movement are. However I believe until God reveals to me (as He did all other doctrines I hold) I can not take a dogmatic stand on the issue. Perhaps what I can take a dogmatic stand on, is that the non-cessationalism in charismania is not Biblical.

My reason for posting this therefore is to ask the question: Does that exclude me an ex-Charismatic from being able to participate on this particular forum?

I do not wish at this time to discuss reasons why I am not fully convinced either way. I would rather just read and learn.

Many of the experiences that are recorded on this forum, I have gone through myself and to be quite frank, they have served to help me understand more fully the reasons why I recoil against charismania.