Tom said:

The problem I have with this group that says these gifts have changed, is that I don't see any indication from Scripture that this is the case.


That's 'cause there is no indication in Scripture that the gifts of the Spirit were to undergo such a drastic change!

Whereas charismatics love to say, "the gifts are still in operation", they aren't quite so outspoken about the gifts having changed. I think they fail to realize that if they admit that today's alleged gift of prophecy is less authoritative than the gift exercised in the early church, they've put themselves in the position of defending a drastic shift from God revealing himself in an authoritative, reliable manner in the early church vs. doing so in a semi-authoritative, unreliable manner today. Such a shift is a Huge Deal, one that surely ought to have a lot of scriptural support if it really took place. The mere fact that nobody seems to be able to reliably discern the voice of God that's lurking within the muddle that is modern-day prophecy ought to be a big clue that God just isn't speaking in the way charismatics claim he is.

Cessationism may, as charismatics claim, lack a proof text that says "the gifts will cease with the apostles", but at least we have a clear text that says that they will cease. As for the charismatic's alleged gift of New Testament prophecy, no text indicates that such a gift was to be granted much less how the gift was to be operated and tested once it arrived.