Tom said:
I have to admit that I am neither non-cessationist nor cessationist. ... However I believe until God reveals to me (as He did all other doctrines I hold) I can not take a dogmatic stand on the issue.

I've been there too, halting between two opinions and needing for God to make things clear to me one way or the other. I read lots of articles and books and asked a lot of people, but couldn't be satisfied with what I heard until God settled it in my heart through His own word - settled it so solidly and clearly that I could put it into my own words to explain it to others.

You wrote also that what we've seen in the Charismatic movement cannot be real gifts of the Spirit. I agree because the Biblical standards and descriptions of the gifts of the Spirit are so very different from modern "gifts." Yet on the other hand we hear about rare but believable accounts of linguistic miracles on remote mission fields from our own missionaries.

It's no fun being "in between" and not knowing for sure one way or the other. It was these accounts of mission field "miracles" that gave me pause to adopt cessationism fully, until I looked into the Biblical gift of tongues - it's nature and purpose according to Scripture. I can tell you that even if the accounts of linguistic miracles on remote mission fields are true, they are not examples of the Biblical gift of tongues. The difference between the Biblical gifts and the stuff described in mission field stories is so substantial that there's no way the latter can be accurately categorized as "gifts of the Spirit." For me the big issue was tongues, because for Charismatics, all the gifts beginning with tongues (and for AOG Pentecostals, tongues is the initial evidence of Holy Spirit baptism).

When I discovered from the Scriptures that the charismata were covenant signs to one particular generation signifying the inclusion of the Gentiles in the covenant, it made all the difference in the world. Read my description in the Charismatic library here on the Highway.

My reason for posting this therefore is to ask the question: Does that exclude me an ex-Charismatic from being able to participate on this particular forum?

Certainly not! Those sincerely and genuinely in search of the truth are welcome to participate. It is only those with an agenda opposed to that of the Highway that are not welcome here.