I see there is a part of the forum allotted for those who are "ex" charismatics. Unfortunately all of the spiritual gifts are designated as "charimata"
I've been fascinated over the past 30 years or so with the arguments for cessation of certain Charismatic gifts. They almost always seem to deal with a portion of the subject as opposed to the whole of the subject.
When Paul wrote about his prayer language it is obvious from context that he recognized 2 distinct types of utterance gifts. One to be practiced in private between the believer and God and one that had a public purpose, possibly the translation of foreign language or speaking in a foreign language, both having been not from learning, for the edification of the congregation. As to prophesy I have not seen anyone entertain the possibility that there could be prophesy for the Universal Church (Christendom) which comes from disciples which would be accepted in a very restricted sense, ie Scripture, whereas the commonly reffered to "charismatic gift of prophesy" might be for the edification and guidance of the local congregation and not seen as binding upon the Whole of Christendom as Scripture. Such as whether it was truly the Lord's will to purchase that new property, etc. Obviously all such prophesy would need to be tested against the principles of Scripture (anyone prohesying that you should lie or steal would be a FALSE prophet and their message should not be accepted). I'm leery about any exegetical machinations that result in scripture being interpreted to mean something that it does not clearly state somewhere itself. I spent almost two decades in formal theological study and have seen some theologians, a few of them famous, wrench scripture around so as to satisfy the proclivities of whatever the institution was with which they might be associated.
If someone is truly healed by a person recognized by elders in a Christian bible believing church I'm not gonna be the guy to tell them they're not really healed and I wouldn't, nor should any of you, attribute that work of the Holy Spirit to "OTHER" than God, things could get really "warm" for you, if you know what I mean.
By the way I got no dog in this hunt. I haven't been blessed with any of those gifts and I'm every bit as reformed, maybe even a bit moreso, than any theologian of whom you can think.
Now do I believe there are problems with wrong or over emphases in the charismatic movement. Sure I do, Just as almost any part of Christendom that identifies itself with a narrow portion of the teachings of scripture can be tempted to have. But let's not continue to chuck babies out with the bathwater at every given opportunity.

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