That is where the argument takes us. Are only those parts of the Bible teaching about salvation to be consider essential? My thread question leads to that somewhat in that I asked if their are a subset of essentials underneath the the core tenets of the 5 solas and other vital truths.

Say for instance, is it not essential to adopt a non-ordination of women view based on Scripture. Sure, someone can be a 'invisible church' Christian in having that belief, but at the same time that particular belief is a man-made one, not from biblical teaching. So, is it essential for a church or denomination to restrict women from ordination?

Another point I would like to make is the use of non-essential. Let's take the women ordination question again. My bet is that the majority of those who agree with women ordination takes it not from the view that it is non-essential, but that it is essential to ordain women. They argue that it is non-essential when talking to those who disagree with women ordination, but argue that it is essential when talking to their like-minded friends.

In retrospect, non essentials really belong to the grey areas, which I would put some elements of eschatology in.

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John Chaney

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