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Thanks for sharing all that.
Something I do remember from way back then (and perhaps it stuck to me) was before the Charismatic Church I was attending started to drift into Word Faith teaching, is it did teach the basic centrality of the Gospel in the Christian"s life.

I have no idea what is meant by "the basic centrality of the Gospel...". Can you explain what that is?

Are you suggesting that this 'church' actually taught/preached the biblical Gospel, aka: the Reformed Faith, or at least embraced the infamous "Five Points", or at the very least taught the biblical doctrine of Sola Fide; justification through faith alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone? That would of necessity require that they held to the total depravity of man and the necessity of regeneration preceding faith and that heart repentance accompany that faith.

Okay, so I'm wasting my time trying to guess and thus waiting for your explanation is the only way I'm really going to know. giggle

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