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The true message of God's sovereign grace, however, is largely incompatible with the usual forms that the movement.

yep And there are some rare exceptions which I have come across personally... at least on the surface they appeared to be exceptions. There were a couple of pastors I once knew who professed to adhere to historic "Calvinism", which they interpreted to be those most maligned "Five Points of Calvinism". But, their 'worship' was very contemporary/charismatic; large movie screen with the bouncing cross, electric worship band, alleged speaking in tongues, etc. When asked whether they perceived any antithesis between their professed doctrinal position and the 'worship' they promoted, it is interesting that they became very defensive of the latter but not the former. In short, they apparently thought the church's practice was more important to retain than their professed doctrine(s).

I'll let others draw their own conclusions about this particular case.

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simul iustus et peccator

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