Tom, I don't worry myself over the pedobaptists or stress my differences of that topic when among those holding to the WCF and similar historic confessions, for I am in so much agreement with them on weightier matters. In my desire to go no further than explicit statements of the Scriptures my view on baptism is rather simple. It was a command of Christ, so I consider it an "ordinance" just as I do the Lord's Supper that Jesus commanded.

If I were to label it further, I'd go only so far as to say they both are symbols of the inner reality. I find no Scripture labeling it "covenant of baptism" or calling it a "sign of baptism" and I personally do not refer to it as a "means of grace" or a "sacrament". It appears to me that Acts 2:38; 22:16, indicate that the symbol of baptism can be seen or spoken of as the reality, the terms used interchangeably. I believe this because of how the Lord worded the ordinance of the Communion, where he said the bread was his body and the wine was his blood that was shed for many. He was sitting there before them so it has to be seen as a symbol as I read it.

In recently weeks I've had an occurrence within our family that puzzles me. My younger sister who is already in her 70s had renewed attendance in her SBC church. She had professed her faith and was baptized as a teenager. She and her late husband both attended this same SBC church for years, but due to various factors they had lapsed in regular attendance. She has recently renewed her commitment and I suppose repented of her backsliding; but, she then had herself re-baptized.

I questioned her why she had herself baptized again and she seemed to base her decision mainly on feelings rather than some biblical reason for it. I do not find it biblical and maybe this is not a question that would even come up with a pedobaptist, but as an ordinance and symbol, should it be repeated? I know some men in the pulpit preach in unsound way to cause many to doubt their salvation so that they can get more people running repeatedly down the aisle, seemingly to increase their 'numbers', but I'm not aware of people being baptized again.

Any thoughts on that situation? Am I correct that among pedobaptists, there would be no re-baptisms such as that?


I am a New Covenant believer whose basic study Bible is the KJV but I will read from and study the mainline translations to determine what I believe is the correct original text. I value the expositions from centuries past as from Matthew Poole, John Trapp, John Gill and I even find the Methodist Adam Clarke a help in some areas. I embrace TULIP and am 'mildly' post-mil from a gospel perspective.