Of course, Pilgrim, Chestnutmare, we are all completely agreed. When I fail the Lord, I am grieved because He is grieved. I feel guilt and sorrow and welcome His correction and restoration, especially when it comes through people who love me and offer correction gently and in a spirit of humility.

There was no consternation in my heart when I wrote my previous post, only sadness for the way that God is dishonored when His people manipulate one another. I'm not talking about correction, instruction, and discipline. I was writing about motivation by means other than reliance upon God to supply willing hearts to do His work, not reliance upon our own inventions to get people to do what we think they should.

I'm sorry if my post was unclear. Certainly when we fail and fall into error and sin, the Lord's correction and loving discipline is precious to those who love Him, and a source of resentment to those who don't.

From glory to glory,