I left my AoG church almost a year ago and now attend an OPC.

I have kept contact with a few of my friends from the old church but some of it has to do with my profession. You see, I'm a mechanic and one thing you don't want to lose is a friend who is a mechanic.<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/nope.gif" alt="" /> There is one lady from the old church that I have kept in close contact with though. The funny thing is that since I left the church and became reformed it seems she has gotten deeper and deeper into some of the more exotic stuff ie. banners, shofars, trips to the Toronto Blessing, wearing camo for spiritual warfare, ect. I have tried to show scripture to her but as Robin said she thinks I now have "head knowledge" only and am not as spiritual as her. I still keep in really close contact with her hoping that her eyes will be opened to the truth. Oh, one last thing,she is married.................to me.

I finally dawned on me yesterday that one of the real problems with Charismania is that it is totally based on feeling and emotions. In that paradigm feelings always trump scripture. That is an area that men cannot compete. So what happens is the men are never really seen as being as spiritual as the women and this usurps their authority in the church and more importantly in the home. God help us all.

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