In both Charismatic SNC churches we went to, women were considered to be more "sensitive to the Spirit" than men. It always took longer for men to "get it" than the women for whom spiritual sensitivity was considered much more natural.

And since being "sensitive to the Spirit" is so important to being On the Cutting Edge of What God is Doing in the Earth Today (I know, I'll pro'lly overuse that phrase here but I'm so stricken by the arrogance of that mindset), our two Charismatic SBC churches tended to be "feminized" despite lip service to male headship. Women having to wait for the men to "get it" before going on ahead was thought to be God's dynamic for both churches and families, keeping the impulses of both genders in check.

I think that this "feminization" of the church is more apparent to folks who are many years removed from Charismania. It's rarely the reason anyone leaves the movement, but it's one of those things that you look back on and go, "Oh, crud. Was I really like that?"

It took me longer to see it (but then, being male, it's expected, right?), but a system built on and so dependent upon emotionalism just naturally tends towards femininity.