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There is a statement made for those that have just switched to the monergistic view of salvation it is called the "cage stage". Speaking as a partial preterist non-theonomic postmillennialist with amillennial sympathizes (I stole that from Frank Turk and switched the phrases) perhaps the same should be done with those who discover the preterist view of hermenuetics. I seem to recall much of the same conversation that Hitch had with Pilgrim when I talked about postmillennialism back in the day.

Frankly with the various competing views on eschatology and not just the big ones (pre, a, post) there is more heat and not much light as far as I can see being shed anymore. There are more important doctrines then dating when Christ returns.

Some things need to be confronted and the position that the Second Advent had taken place in the first century is one of them. Im not so much concerned with those who come on a forum promoting it as with the lurkers. There are often many more folks who read posts and seldom respond. They come in to see whether or not the screwballs have any standing and how they can be dealt with.

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