Dealing with Charismaticís
As a former Charismatic I know just how enticing the movement is. I remember how I could pray in tongues for hours. I even at times found myself getting a feeling of euphoria when I was speaking in tongues. I was convinced that this was definitely of God and wondered why anybody who once experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit could believe that this manifestation of the Holy Spirit wasnít genuine.
Through the process of God revealing the truth that it wasnít of Him, it was not an easy thing to stop practicing. In fact because many in my family are/were Charismaticís, this was especially true. I paid a price to leave the movement that was a kin to back sliding to many of them. A few years after that I experienced something that in some ways was even harder, when I started to embrace the doctrines of grace.
Thinking about all this, it is fairly obvious that much like salvation, it takes a supernatural miracle of God to move someone from Charismania into the truth.
With that in mind, when dealing with Charismaticís (which is something that I am currently doing), I try to keep what I went through in mind. In fact, recently the matter makes me want to go to my knees, rather than discussion with Charismatics on the issue. This if you know me is actually a hard thing to do at times.
I hope what I said above is of help to anyone reading this. I would be interested in reading others experiences about dealing with Charismaticís. Or anything related to this subject.


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