Caroline said:
Tom said:
I want to also say that although I disagree today with much of his theology. I did gain a profound respect for him, in that he lived what he believed. I got to know him through the 3-4 years I attended there and found out that he spent a lot of time on his knees and in study of the Word of God, in fact he wore out a Bible a year.

These are the saddest cases to me. I knew one Pentecostal preacher like this also. So sincere, so deceived. Unfortunately, sincerity doesn't mean that much, really. If someone is wrong, they are wrong, even if they are sure they are right. That someone can persist in being wrong while praying and reading the Bible isn't admirable--it just means they are stupid. I know, because I did just that for many years. I suppose I can excuse myself in that I was sincere, but I was without excuse--I had the Bible right there with me.

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I agree and I can only hope and pray that my former pastor, did eventually see the light.