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If I may suggest...I think it would be good to further narrow our discussion by having us stick only to that which is written in the Bible. Without regard for Creeds and what learned Christian men have said since New Testament times.

I am perplexed by your suggestion and thus need help in understanding why anyone would or could entertain it for the following reasons:

1. IF the Bible itself is to be understood, i.e., interpreted... especially by those who have been given gifts specifically for that purpose by the Holy Spirit for the upbuilding of the saints, then are we not to value what these members of the Church, the body of Christ have contributed?

2. IF the Church consists of all those who have professed Christ from Adam to the last to come to Christ before He returns, why should those who lived in the past be excluded?

3. IF the insights of those in the past are to be excluded and that which is to be allowed is "only to that which is written in the Bible", then are we then not restricted to simply post Bible verses? aka: textproofing without comment?

4. IF comments/interpretation is to be allowed but only by us on this board, then on what biblical warrant are we to do so in exclusion for any other believer, past or present?

So, again I ask these questions because I am confused as how to proceed.

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