There is something in your statement/question

Don't you think God is continually unveiling more and more of Himself through His word through His Spirit as the last days approach?

that I simply don't understand. I just don't see how the fact that justification by faith alone was hidden for a long time is an example of God continually unveiling more and more of Himself through his word through the Holy Spirit. Same with the baptism example. It is not an example of God continually unveiling more and more of Himself in these last days. If God really continually unveil more and more of Himself and it can undeniably be shown from Scripture, then why would it be divisive? The issue of baptism is also not new!

You comment on attitudes etc. To some extent you are right but do not always blame the other side. Take your above statement. I don't think it is at all clear what you really want to say because further down in your post you say "I'm not looking for any new truth, but I'm looking to understand the old truth better". To me there is a contradiction in these two statements of yours. At the end of your post you say " God is infinitely greater than our minds can fathom, but we need to think past our own experiences (thinking like finite beings) to understand Him more clearly. Do you really mean what you say, namely that through thinking past our own experiences we can understand Him more clearly. I thought that He reveals Himself to us in Scripture and in that way we know Him. I thus find your last statement just as confusing as the one quoted above and feel that such vague statements is one reason for misunderstandings on a forum like this.

In Christ