In everything said concerning my stance and your view of me is right as you and others see it, and maybe even as God sees it. As to the issues concerned, I am seeing things differently than everyone else and I can't help that. Just because others disagree does not change my convictions, it isn't that easy. Don't you think I would change my mind if I was convinced of what you are saying? I don't mean to be arrogant or give the appearance of stepping on everyone, I'm only pointing to what I've been convinced of, presenting it for others to consider, not necessarily to accept. If I'm under deception, which is possible, then I trust in time to be convicted of that, but I can't just change my view to go with the majority without the conviction I'm wrong. I know I'm poor at giving examples, and I'm not saying anything other than trying to show what I mean. A convinced Arminian will not be convinced about the doctrine of election until the Holy Spirit opens his or her eyes to understand the Sovereignty of God. They are appoaching the doctrine of election according to their human understandings, God could never reject anyone, He loves everyone. Or how about when you understood the doctrine of election, was there any way you would go back to the old way of thinking? Of course not, it would be counter to the truth. There is a people in our church right now that are staunch Arminians, after realizing that talking to them about the sovereignty of God was fruitless, I let it drop and just teach the truth not trying to change their views. They believe they are absolutely right and they use anger when defending their view. Not a very pleasent experience.

Again, keep in mind, I have taken everything you said about me and my views to heart, but until I have liberty to lay down the views I currently hold, I can't go back. I appreciate everyone's opinion and honesty and I do not mean any disrespect to anyone. As for what Martin Luther said, I still believe as scripture instructs, we must approach a brother in error with gentleness. I submit to your views concerning me, but not to the views concerning the differences in doctrine, not at this time.

BTW, the issue about the Armour of God I realized the view wasn't good but it took time. Just yesterday I heard David Jeremiah, who I appreciate, say "IT IS" putting on Christ, so now I disagree with him, previously I would have said yeah, that's true!!!

Matt. 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. KJV