Such as the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Yes, it was revealed fully in scripture (I'm not saying there is any "new" truth). However, our Lord allowed the truth of justification by faith to be lost and hidden for an extended period of time. It wasn't until individuals were willing to stand against the grain, against those teachers who were set in their beliefs, that the truth was finally regained. I don't doubt that those who were against the doctrine of Justification by faith were not fully convinced in their minds that they were defending God's truth, but in their desire to protect something from the past they became unteachable.

Whenever people stand against the majority, they are condemned and hated, but they must stand lest they sin against God. I plainly stated I have come to different opinions on things on this newsgroup, I'm not above being taught. I also do not force my opinions or become personal when someone doesn't agree (at least I try not to, but I am a sinner still). I think there was an opportunity to help Carlos123, he demonstrated from reading his posts that he loved the same Christ we do, but certain comments drove him away. Where was the gentleness? That is a big problem in the church today, I'm right you are wrong attitude. On some doctrines it is imperative we defend, non-negoiable, but other things are an issue of maturity and growth. People need to quit muscling their truth on people but allow the Spirit to speak. If a person is truly humble before God and willing to search scripture, we must not discouarge them by hammering our truth down their throats, when were we given the job of the Holy Spirit? A lot of trouble in the church could be avoided if we were more Christlike in how we relate to each other.

A good book concerning some of what I'm talkign about, the progress and regaining of truth is "Progress of Doctrine" by Bernard: It is on Google books,M1

I'm not saying the old is not true, but that there is a possibility of greater understanding, or as in the above example a renewed or recapturing of the truth. I am not satisfied accepting what "men" said in the past, but I question and search for what God is saying. As Robert said, becoming a Berean in spirit. I'm not looking for any new truth, but I'm looking to understand the old truth better.

As for creeds, this comes into issues that are divisive. The issue of baptism is one which it is fruitless to pursue on this newsgroup and each must be convinced in their own mind.

Some things I spoke of was the love of God, I don't deny that God rejects or accepts individuals by His own choosing, but I also say He loved the whole world, demonstrated in His sending Christ to die for sinners. I tried to show there is an objective love and a subjective love of God. None of which contradicts scripture other than it shows God's love for all and His predestination and love for only the elect. God is infinitely greater than our minds can fathom, but we need to think past our own experiences (thinking like finite beings) to understand Him more clearly. I thought this was a discussion board to discuss, not fight and belittle if someone doesn't agree.

Matt. 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. KJV