I'm sorry, but for now, I must wait for "Joe" to answer my private message to him.

(Fred) well, I wish joe would come on and get the lead out about answering your email, because we are all dying to know just how the pronouns of Ephesians 1 affect the understanding of the doctrine of irresistible grace.

Why don't you ask our heavenly Father to open your eyes to the truth of what is there in Ephesians 1? But, you must ask in faith, knowing He will answer you, because His Word says He will.

(Fred) I have asked my heavenly father if irresistible grace is true, and he affirm it is with his word. So, if you are claiming that irresistible grace as Calvinism teaches is unbiblical, then one of us had a lying spirit deceive us about the doctrine. That rather concerns me.


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