CovenantInBlood said:
One more piece, from another perspective, etc.

Ted, now you're just spamming. Instead of answering my questions in a straightforward manner, you seem rather to be assuming that I'm just unwilling to give over a tenth part of my income. Yes, that MUST be why I say that the tithe is not a Christian mandate! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/Banghead.gif" alt="" /> Give me a break!

There are NO "Christian mandates," my brother. Do I need to "spam" my prior post on the differences between "justification" and "sanctification?" Do we need to go over the differences between "Grace" and "Law?"

My point, my brother in Christ, is to share some sound Biblical teaching with the readers of this thread.

IF you are posting here to show off how great your knowledge is, that is "pride." Your recent posts in this thread seem to suggest that you know WAY more about this topic than you previously let on. IF that is the case, why ask "Could you deal with the questions I brought up regarding the continuity of the tithe?"

With Christ's love,