BillT, I sincerely welcome you to the forum, though you will not like what I have to say.

First, I will say the attitude of your post was uncalled for. I think you should have taken the time to examine SemperReformanda’s (Marie, BTW, she is a real person who use to be affiliated with CCC) posts (pl.) and understand where she was coming from! Your judgment here was presumptuous at best.

Second, I too have friends in the PCA and OPC that are both employed and on staff with CCC. But, they too will tell you in a minute that there are many things wrong both in the way the Gospel is presented at CCC and some of the subject matter: (a) 4 Spiritual Laws (which continues to contribute to a deficient presentation of the biblical Gospel), (b) Jesus Film Project (which violates the 2nd Commandment).

Third, to say that CCC is presenting the Gospel “fully” correct is a misnomer of the infinite sort! The Reformed individuals that I know that are apart of CCC are there to enact "reformed" change, as well as to evangelize. If you are not there for the same purpose then I submit you are simply an Arminian with Reformed rhetoric or have not yet taken the time to examine the doctrine/activity of CCC as compared to the Reformed faith.

IMHO you owe Marie an apology and owe us an explanation of why you believe CCC is totally Reformed.

Reformed and Always Reforming,