Averagefellar, you said, “Still, not one thing you put forth has supported your position. . . . And you are not calvinist. . . . Not one scripture you have posted has supported your view. Your view is Wesleyan and NOT reformed.”

Your continuing criticism is interesting, but I think it would be more edifying for you to interact with each passage in detail like I have done. I thought we had agreed at the beginning of this thread to interact with each passage in turn. You earlier said, “This will be easier if we discuss one scripture at a time.” We started with 1 Kings 18. I take it that you have said all you want to say about that passage. If you are ready to move on to Hebrews 6 and 10, I will be glad to do so.

You said, “People have already formed a bias.” They really didn’t form it. The depravity was there when they were born. You admitted that when you next said, “We are born with this bias.”