Greetings William,

I fail to see your logic. Are you saying I'm unfairly judging John Calvin. You are the judge in this discussion forum. I am the advocate. I'm pleading the case for the truth. Truth is the defendant. Truth has 'said', there is sufficient reason (probable cause) to bring discussion as to whether or not the alleged "Calvin sanctioning the burning of Servetus" is true.

Dr. John MacArthur is a witness and Dr. Horton is a witness and the postings from the other sources are all witnesses in the case.

You or anyone else for that matter, can be John Calvin's defense attorney. I suggest someone ask Dr. Horton to defend Calvin. I've already suggested Dr. Horton or his representative join this discussion forum. I have absolutely nothing to hide from the clear light of the truth. If I thought Calvin to be completely innocent, I would defend him, myself!

If you read carefully, I don't make unsubstantiated remarks. I don't use false logic and I don't slander anyone's reputation. I'm trying to be very, very careful to accurately present the facts of this case in as unbiased a manner as humanly possible.