Personally, I have really no further interest in debating the verity of the interpretation of the Second Commandment which has been held to be true for centuries by men far more gifted than myself. I can tell you, however, that I did not first consult ANY Confession or Creed until AFTER I had come to an understanding of the Second Commandment by my own reading of Scripture. In fact, I had no knowledge of even the existence of the WCF, covenant theology, or paedobaptism; even the word "Calvinism" was unknown to me at the time. There is no denying that when I finally did come to realize the existence of these things, I rejoiced. For I was deemed a "black sheep" in the church I attended which consisted of people who held to Arminianism, credo-baptism, Dispensationalism, had no written creed, and were no less ignorant of the history of the church and of men such as Luther, Calvin, Owen, Goodwin, Flavel, Carey, Spurgeon, Edwards, nor even Gerstner, Sproul and last but not least MacArthur! Oh, by the way, if I would give allegiance to any Confession, it would be the Savoy Declaration of Faith and Practice (1658).

Fred remarked:
Obviously, the cheribum on top of the ark, which are images of things in heaven, were not made for the purpose of worship in the way the 2nd commandment prohibits.
Is this really obvious? In fact, I would suggest that is logically impossible. For what you are suggesting is that God forbid something and then permitted, no commanded the very thing which He just forbidden to be created and displayed upon the Ark of the Covenant in which the very law of prohibition was kept. Perhaps you should reconsider that argument. hehe

Lastly, as you are surely aware, so let me simply remind you, that my adamant condemnation of not only this blasphemous film, but ALL such films, plays, skits, re-enactments, paintings, sculptures, drawings and day-dreaming of an alleged image of Christ not only violates the Second Commandment, but also Chalcedon and in essence denies the perfect active obedience of Christ. In short, 3 strikes and they are all out.

In His Grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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