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I don't understand that attitude that we all just rest in how we see things. How could the Lord change us if we have such an attitude?

I agree Robert but there comes a time to gracefully just allow my fellow brethren with whom I disagree to go on their way to follow the dictates of their own conscience. However unable to see what I so clearly see in the Scriptures they may appear to be.

Yes there would be some profit in continued discussion but it seems to me that some here are very set in their ways and have what I can only describe as religious blinders on. I don't say that lightly but I believe that is the truth. I also mean no offense but Jesus Himself would not have hesitated to say the truth if such was the case. I must do no less.

It would take a lot of work and a whole lot of discussion to work through the issues verse by verse and the final outcome of such a discussion is uncertain with respect to all of us coming to agree with the more perfect way of God.

Whether that more perfect way would line up more with my interpretation of things, theirs, or none of ours.


Hi Carlos,
What about me? I am open to your point of view. I would like to hash it out. You are a person with a good deal of insight, I believe. I don't accept all that you say, for if I did such without testing, I would be bowing to a mere human. Stick around, let me enjoy dialogue with you, either here or elsewhere.