I remember though, when I did hold to the five points, reading a book called “Baptism With the Spirit: The Teaching of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones,

Martyn Lloyd-Jones was saddened by the drift of Calvinist thinking and teaching away from a balance of emphasis on both the objective and subjective aspects of true faith to a dry a Calvinism. Unfortunately, in his zeal to revive Calvinistic thinking, he embraced the concept of a non cessationist church, at least to some degree as far as I can tell, and thus put a damper on the true revival that he so longed for.

I see no non cessationist teaching in the works of the men I have mentioned, like Owen, Calvin and Edwards, however. In fact, they stressed that the miracle of God's love shed abroad in the heart of a true believer, a spiritual phenomena, was far more weighty and valuable, eternally so, than the mere miraculous manipulation of physical things, which was always and only, even when miraculous gifts did exist, designed to direct the heart and mind to the spiritual beauty of Christs Holiness.

I do not read reformed literature because it is Reformed, in fact I avoid much of it that claims to be, because it is dry and dead. Worship of the intellect is simply another form of worship of the creature, IMO. That is why I enjoy men such as Edwards and Owen and those that understand them, because though they had great intellects they clearly saw through the dangers of both intellectual idolatry, and emotional idolatry.

In Him,